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Best knee scooter reviews

All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker

Best knee scooter/walker reviews

update: May, 2018

What is a knee scooter?

knee scooter is an ambulation aid for injured person to maneuver around. It is sometimes referred as knee walker, knee caddy, orthopedic scooter or leg walker. The use of a knee scooter allows you to walk comfortable more than a traditional crutch. It can be 2 wheel, 3 wheel or 4 wheel models which is capable of using even on roughest surfaces like grasses. Most of knee scooters are lightweight, foldable which make it very easy to use by the patient self. However, this type of scooter has one downside that it is hard to move when dealing with stairs.

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Things to look for when buying a knee scooter/ walker

When you are looking for a knee scooter/knee walker there are several important factors you should consider

Weight max support capacity

Most of the knee scooter/walker has an average max weight support of 250-300 lbs. You should notice that some models have baskets for storage therefore you always need to choose knee scooter has a good max weight support in case you need to carry things around.

If you are a big person, then you may need a knee walker with maximum weight support of 350 lbs.

Ability to use on different terrains

When you are using a knee scooter indoor or in office, you just need a version which has small wheels, lightweight. But if you are more about going outdoor, a big wheel model is a better option.

Foldable knee scooter

Some knee scooter can be easily folded and some are constructed as an entire unit. Consider if you need to bring the scooter on car, bus,…to choose the folding or non-folding version.

Materials and weight of the knee scooter

This is also another important factor contributing to the versatility and durability of the scooter

Brake system

For your safety, choose the scooter with good braking system

Adjustable height of the knee pad

A knee scooter is useless if it does not fit with your height to give you the comfort when driving. Therefore, if a knee scooter can’t be adjusted, make sure you try it otherwise you should always look for model that you can adjust the knee pad’s height.

Top rated knee scooter list 2018

  1. Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker
  2. Knee Rover Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Knee Walker
  3. All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker

Top rated knee scooter reviews 2018

No 1. Best seller knee scooter

1. Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker 

Best knee scooter reviews CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

The DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker from Drive Medical is the most popular choice model. It is featured by great portability and maneuverability with steering control. This knee walker is very lightweight and easy to store with folding options. Besides, the walker is optimized for more stability and comfortability by adding leg pad channel and adjustable seat and handle so it can fit to any user. This knee walker support up to 300 lbs.

Recommended: Ideal for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation, and ulcers of the foot

Why people choose this DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker?

There are some main benefits of this model that gauge user’s attraction.

DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker from Drive Medical channel knee platformAdjustable knee pad. The knee pad of this model can be adjusted based on your height. Thanks to that, you do not need to suffer the strain on the knee and can easily to scoot around.

DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker from Drive Medical brake

Perfectly safe with 2 brakes. Even though you are not likely to move fast, 2 brakes allow the scooter to be more stable, especially when running on slope/ uneven surfaces

Steering control. When you are dealing with moving around (especially inside a house or office), the steering control is extremely useful because you do not need to lift up the front end to move around. It is noiseless compared to non steering model which is a great thing because you will not annoy others during night.

Knee pad channel. The knee pad channel allows to have more comfort when you transfer in and out of the scooter.

Pros and Cons of DV8 Steerable Knee Walker

The good: easy to maneuver around, lightweight (19 lbs.),  foldable and comfortable when using.

The bad: a bit hard to maneuver when using on grass

Specifications of DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker

  • Front wheel steering for increased maneuverability.
  • Knee pad channel provides comfort.
  • Steering column can be easily folded for storage and transport.
  • Deluxe braking system.
  • Durable aluminum frame with attractive silver vein finish.
  • Tool-free height adjustment of seat and handle.
  • casters ideal for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty; Lifetime Warranty on brake cable.
  • Handle Height: 33 inches – 37.5 inches
  • Unit Dimensions: 17 inches (Width) x 32 inches (Depth)
  • Knee Pad Height: 17.5 inches -21.5 inches
  • Pad Dimensions: 7.25 inches (Width) x 14.25 inches (Depth)
  • Product Weight: 19 lbs.
  • Weight Limit: 300 lbs.

No.1 Best price knee scooter

2. Knee Rover Economy Knee Scooter Steerable Knee Walker Best knee scooter reviews


The Economy Knee Scooter from KneeRover is one of the best affordable model on the market. This 4 wheels knee walker is featured by steering control, double brakes, adjustable handlebar and padded knee platform, giving you the comfort when scooting around. This model is lightweight but capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. It is also foldable by using a thumbs release lever.

Why people choose Economy Knee Scooter from KneeRover?

This model is one of the most affordable Knee Walker, which is more comfortable than using a crutch. Moreover, it functions fairly well in many aspects.

This knee walker moves freely and quietly. The brake allow you to go safely.

It is very lightweight and easy to bring on a car

It is durable

Pros and Cons of Economy Knee Scooter from KneeRover

The good: Best value knee walker model, stable and comfortable when using. Lightweight and durable

The bad: can’t use on rough terrains

Specifications of Economy Knee Scooter from KneeRover

  • Color: Matte Black
  • Product Weight: 21 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Overall Length: 31″
  • Handlebar Height Range: 29″ to 37″
  • Overall Height w/ handlebar folded and seat removed: 16″
  • Knee Support Height Range: 16″ – 22″
  • Knee pad: 7″ width x 12.75″ length
  • Front Axle Width: 16″
  • Rear on-Wheel Brake

No 1. Best performance knee scooter

3. All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker

Best knee scooter reviews


As it is named, this Knee Walker is the greatest option when you are dealing with rougher terrains. Most of the regular knee walkers allow you to walk on even surfaces freely, but a bit struggle when dealing with slope/ uneven surfaces. However, the All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker is the only model that let you to walk on grasses, gravel, dirt, gaps on sidewalks completely safe because it uses 12 inches pneumatic tires, automatic style tie rod steering and auto locking mechanism brake. It is possible to say this model is on the top of performance when comparing with other rivals. It is capable of supporting 350 lbs. The downside is that it is a bit heavy (27 lbs. Compare with Drive Medical model: 21 lbs.). Rating 4.3/5.0. Price range: above $200.

Why users choose  All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

People comes to this model because of the all terrain feature and high quality materials, automatic locking brakes and foldable for transportation.

All terrain knee walker. This model uses 12 inches wheels which is much bigger than a casual model (about 5 inches only). Therefore, it allows you to maneuver around in more places even on rough surfaces. This model is highly recommended for users living in countryside because it can be the only one to work easily outdoor.

Great quality materials. The frame is lightweight steel, the seat is very sturdy foam covered with vinyl (very washable), and the tires are tubed, much as a small bicycle but more sturdy.

Best knee scooter reviews Pros and Cons of All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

The good: work on all types of surfaces

The bad: a bit pricey, heavier others a little bit

Specifications of the All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter

  • Product Weight: 27 Lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs
  • Overall Length: 35.5″
  • Handlebar Height Range: 35″ to 47″
  • Overall Height w/ handlebar folded and seat removed: 19″
  • Knee Support Height Range: 19″ – 22.5″
  • Knee pad: 6.75″ wide x 12.5″ length
  • Front Axle Width: 21″
  • Rear Clamp Brakes
  • Wire Basket (7.5″ x 12.5″ x 8.25″)


Best Knee Walker Reviews
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