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Cheapest mobility scooter reviews

Shoprider Echo 3 Wheel Scooter, Blue, 70 Pound

Cheapest mobility scooter reviews

Update: April. 2018


The mobility scooter 3 wheel from Shoprider (Echo 3) is the cheapest mobility scooter on the market (update: April 2018). It is around $550 range, offering a convenient means for running errands daily. This mobility scooter is featured by lightweight (70 lbs.), support up to 250 pounds, easy charging which can be done on/off the scooter. It has a front basket which will be handy for going to groceries, malls on daily basis. Check price and possible current discount here.
cheapest mobility scooter reviews


Main benefits of Shoprider Echo 3 mobility scooter

People choose this Shoprider Echo 3 mobility scooter mostly because of the affordable price, lightweight and sufficient performance efficiency

  • Cheapest mobility scooter

The Shoprider Echo 3 mobility scooter is the cheapest one that you can find on the market. At about $500, users find that it is very affordable and convenient for daily use.

  • Lightweight

This is a 3 wheel model which is 70 lbs. (The third lightest model on the market. Check for top lightweight mobility scooter here).

  • Medium performance and easy to run

At this bargain price, we can’t expect the Shoprider Echo 3 mobility scooter to have the greatest features, but its does have an average max speed (3.8 mph), medium max drive range (8 miles per charge), quick connector battery pack, comfortable and adjustable seating, easy to control throttle and a front basket.

Downside of the Shoprider Echo 3 mobility scooter

There are several things you can consider about Shoprider Echo 3 mobility scooter

  • It is a lightweight model, which means it can be tipped over when moving on a slop. The max gradient of this scooter is 6 degree, which means this scooter can’t run on incline road.
  • Medium speed and low max drive range compared to others. It features 3.8 mph and 8 mpc which is on average only.


This Shoprider Echo 3 is an affordable mobility scooter which can be handy for running errands to the groceries. Despite it bears some limitations on the speed and can’t run on decline/incline slops over 6 degrees, it is still one of the favorite devices so far.

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Cheapest mobility scooter
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Cheapest mobility scooter
Cheapest mobility scooter reviews 2017 featuring one of the best price mobility scooter than you can take home for indoor/outdoor use.

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