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Five types of mobility scooters

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Five types of mobility scooters

update: Oct 2017

Based on how you use the mobility scooter, there can be a portable version for travelers, a heavy duty version for riding on road or even a recreational mobility scooter for having a fun drive.

Portable mobility scooter

Elite Easy Travel Scooter foldedThe portable mobility scooter is also known as travel scooter because this model is featured by lightweight, folding, easy to bring along. Many of the models can be folded and unfolded and some models can be disassembled completely into lightweight pieces.

When compare with heavy duty mobility scooter, portable scooter is more compact, cheaper in price, easy to use for both indoor and outdoor. The main disadvantage is that, it use small wheels, less powerful motor and low clearance (compared with heavy duty unit), therefore it may struggle when driving on rough terrains.

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Indoor mobility scooter

Drive Medical Bobcat X3 Compact Transportable Power Mobility Scooter, 3 Wheel, RedWhen you are mostly using the mobility scooter at home or in your office, an indoor scooter is the best option. Sometimes, it is called a small mobility scooter because it is featured by small bases and turning radius when compared with outdoor models. The indoor mobility scooter has an average max speed (around 4-5 miles per hour) and it has both three wheel and four wheel versions. Most of them are lightweight, detachable, easy to use and to charge. However, similar to portable mobility scooter, it might be a bit difficult to drive on rougher terrains due to small wheels and low clearance.

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Outdoor mobility scooter

Drive Medical Phoenixhd4 Phoenix 4 Wheel Heavy Duty ScooterOutdoor mobility scooter is featured by bigger motor power, wider bases, bigger tires and optimized for running safely on the road such has lighting system and brakes. An outdoor mobility scooter often has higher max speed and longer drive range, giving you the comfortable long drive up to 50 miles per single charge (in some models)

Heavy duty mobility scooter

Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport 4-wheel Electric Travel Scooter Heavy Duty S74 The heavy duty mobility scooter is also known as large mobility scooter, which is designed to assist bigger person to run errands or to travel on road. Compared with a regular scooter, this type of device can support person up to 550 lbs. The best part of heavy duty scooter is the ability to run even on roughest terrains with ease. However, it is heavy in weight and often comes in fully assembled unit so you can’t bring along on car or truck during vacation.

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Recreational mobility scooter

MEGO NEV Neighborhood Electric Mobility Vehicle Scooter Fast Heavy Duty Golf Cart MEGOThe recreational mobility scooter is featured by unique design which give you a fun when driving. They have some additional features such as: bluetooth, MP3 player, windshield, 2 seats and so on.

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Types of mobility scooter reviews
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Types of mobility scooter reviews
Types of mobility scooter reviews
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