Automobile Wheelchair Lifts

Automobile Wheelchair Lifts

Automobile wheelchair lifts provide the freedom to travel in vehicles for the disabled. This is the extent of the importance of auto wheelchair lifts, which otherwise would have rendered wheelchair users restricted to their immediate vicinity. The portability of wheelchairs is enhanced by wheelchair lifts for cars and vehicles that allow wheelchair users to easily transport their wheelchairs with them, wherever they are heading.

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Simple automobile wheelchair lifts that only require minimal installations are known as wheelchair totes or carriers. Yet, for frequent and long term use, platform wheelchair lifts or rotary lifts are better choices. Worldwide Mobility Products based in Arizona deals with tote type automobile wheelchair lifts. Their Escort 2000 and Cari-All lifts are designed to carry manual wheelchairs or even power chairs securely with minimal fuss. The Carrying capacity of the Escort 2000 is at 200 lbs, whilst the Cari-All is capable of bearing additional 65 lbs. Both designs are made to fit the rear of the car with an option of a swing-away to facilitate easier storage. These wheelchair lifts, however, do not provide protection for the wheelchairs.

ChairTopper Wheelchair Lifts from Braun

For wheelchair users who would prefer to keep their wheelchairs stowed away from the scorching sun or the beating rain, the ChairTopper wheelchair lift by Braun would be an ideal choice. The ChairTopper is great for cars as this automobile wheelchair lift can be installed on top of the car with a stylish cover for protection. This means that the rear view of the car will not obstructed, and at the same time the wheelchair is kept away safely from the trying weather.

Operation instructions for car wheelchair lifts are rather clear-cut. Users can just place the wheelchair in the suggested position and the wheelchair lift will fold, lift and store the wheelchair within 30 seconds. Another option is to lift and keep the wheelchair at the back or trunk of the car. Wheelchair lifts for automobiles like those from Braun are easy to install and operate. All a user needs is to hook the wheelchair with the lift claw, push a directional button and the wheelchair can then be lifted up or down. In order to fit the wheelchair into the trunk, simply swing the wheelchair over the trunk opening and push the DOWN button before releasing the hook once the wheelchair is in place.

Minivan Wheelchair Lifts For Your Family Traveling Needs

With the vast variety of minivan wheelchair lifts in the market, users are spoilt for choice between the simple and affordable, and the luxurious and convenient. Essentially, wheelchair lifts for mini-vans are almost the same as wheelchair lifts for other forms of automobiles. The only difference is the mechanism on getting the wheelchair into the mini-van as opposed to a car. If the wheelchair is to be placed at the rear of the mini-van, then any wheelchair lift will do just fine. However, if the wheelchair user wants to be in the chair at all times, then a Braun mini van wheelchair lift will be a better option.

There are also multiple Bruno wheelchair liftmodels which are compatible for use in a mini-van. They include the pCurb-Sider and the Big Lifter models, which are capable of lifting both manual as well as power wheelchairs. Both mini-van wheelchair lifts are operated through hand-held controllers and run on battery power from the vehicles. It is easy for anyone to operate these lifts as it is just a push of a button to lift the folded wheelchair up or down. A quick swing will maneuver the wheelchair in place inside the back of the mini-van.

Alternatively, if you prefer to travel in style, the Braun Vangater II will be the mini-van wheelchair lift for you. Wheelchair users need to first maneuver their wheelchair into place on the platform. A roll stop will automatically rise up, acting as a barrier to prevent the wheelchair from rolling off the platform during lifting operations. The wheelchair will then be raised up to a height which is leveled with the platform of the mini-van. The user can then wheel himself into the interior of the mini-van before the platform is raised and stowed away till the next destination. Furthermore, the platform is made not to take up too much space as it can be folded three times over and stowed away. Operations are controllable with a hand-held control or even a remote control. For further safety, the lifting can be controlled by the wheelchair user itself through the use of a switch arm in the lift. A sensor mat alerts the wheelchair user when the wheelchair lift is not at level with the floor of the minivan.

Multi Purpose Portable Wheelchair Lifts

A wheelchair lift can give people in wheelchairs some much needed access to higher floors in their homes, commercial buildings, school bleachers, platforms, and stages. But having a separate wheelchair lift for all these places is not possible, not to mention highly expensive. So what does one do in such a situation? Well, the answer is quite simple – put your money into a quality portable wheelchair lift.

Portable Wheelchair Lift

As the name suggests, a portable wheelchair lift can be moved from one place to another, thus giving you access to different places. If you have many staircases inside your home as well as on the outside, you may need to install several stair lifts on these staircases. As this can lead to a huge investment, most people just do not have the required number of stair lifts and thus have to give up access to different areas of their home. Although wheelchair ramps are a cheaper option, these too are not always practical as they take up a lot of space in your home. But, with a portable lift, all these problems can be overcome and you can move around freely throughout your entire home.

Portable chair lifts are made to handle almost all kinds of wheelchairs. So whether you have a lightweight manual wheelchair, or a heavy duty electric wheelchair, perhaps a sports wheelchair, or maybe even top of the line all terrain wheelchairs; portable style lifts can accommodate all kinds of wheelchairs.

They are either manually operated or powered by electricity. Manual portable wheelchair lifts are worked by hand and do not require any electricity for their operation, thus increasing their portability and usability. Even those that are powered by electricity usually need no installation and simply need to be plugged into a regular power socket in keeping with their portable nature.

Thus, with a portable wheelchair lift, your home, office, schools, church, auditoriums, malls, and even conference centers (all of which are otherwise not wheelchair accessible) can be accessed.

Pleasures Of Travel With Wheelchair Lift Vans

For those who are always on the move, being in a wheelchair and being stuck at home is often more than what they can deal with. Being restricted to a wheelchair would not be so bad if only it was possible to travel while being in a wheelchair. Well, with wheelchair lift vans, you can now enjoy all the pleasures of the outdoors, even with your wheelchair!

Wheel chair lift vans are designed to be spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair and still leave place for other passengers. Such vans have built-in wheelchair lifts, with the help of which it becomes very easy to put the wheelchair into the van. Some lift vans also have the option of mounting the wheelchair on the outside of the vehicle for easy transport.

These vans are classified into two broad categories, namely: full size wheelchair lift vans and mini wheelchair lift vans. A full size wheelchair lift van has raised roofs and lowered floors and is typically equipped with a wheelchair lift that allows the wheelchair to be placed inside the vehicle. In addition to a van wheelchair lift, such wheelchair vans also have other wheelchair accessories to increase your mobility. A mini  lift van is smaller than a full size van and thus has chair lifts that allow a wheelchair to be mounted on the outside of the vehicle as opposed to inside the van.

Wheelchair Van Lift Types

Handicapped and mobility vans that are equipped with wheelchair lifts are a boon for people in wheelchairs. Lifts that are used in vans and other vehicles are of many different types such as:

  1. Electric wheelchair van lifts: These are powered with electricity from batteries. Just with the push of a button, these electric wheelchair lifts pick up your wheelchair and place it inside your van. With many models, you need not even get out of the wheelchair in order to be lifted!
  2. Manual wheelchair van lifts: These are operated by hand and are generally much more economical than the electric ones.

Other options include:

  • Inside and outside mount
  • Attached wheelchair van lifts and free standing wheelchair lifts.

Attached van lifts need to be bolted to your van so as to lift the wheelchair, whereas free standing ones need not be hitched to your vehicle. While buying any wheelchair van lift, make sure that it is designed to be used with different brands and models of wheelchairs.



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