Pride Legend 4 Wheel scooter reviews

pride legend 4 wheel

Shoprider Sunrunner Four Wheel Personal Travel Scooter Reviews

update: 04.2018

Short summary

The Pride Legend 4 Wheel scooter is a superior luxurious 4 wheel scooter with high density cushions and quiet motor that let users to be comfortable even sitting for the whole day. It is also equipped with 2 light-bulbs and on-board charger so you will never fear to get lost even in the night. It has a great top speed (5.75 mph) and it is also a heavy duty scooter which can support up to 350 lbs. The high clearance and big wheels allow this model to run comfortably on any terrain. Besides, the motor works very quiet so you do not need to worry of bothering anyone even during the night.
Shoprider Sunrunner Four Wheel Personal Travel Scooter Reviews


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Introduction of the Pride Legend 4 Wheel scooter

Life in a wheelchair doesn’t prevent a physically challenged person from enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Tending to the plants in the garden, cooking up a storm in the kitchen or even stopping by at a neighbor’s house could be very comfortable while using the Pride Legend 4 Wheel scooter. The stylish electric wheelchair that spells comfort and mobility can make daily life enjoyable.

Main benefits

Most people think that being in a wheelchair is such an uncomfortable situation due to limited mobility but not with Pride Legend 4 Wheel scooter.

  • The ergonomically enhanced seating provides comfort even when seated for a long period of time.
  • Top speed of up to 5.75 mph enables one to take a long stroll in the park.
  • Even large people can be handled by this scooter since it can accommodate weight up to 350 lbs.
  • The rear suspension guarantees comfortable ride even on bumpy pavement.
  • Also, it has a dual-bulb adjustable headlight that adds safety by providing pathway illumination even during night time or in dark areas.
  • Pride Legend 4 Wheel Scooter is also stylish with its premium-upholstered seating with double-reinforced seams and high-density molded cushions. Nothing can be more comfortable than sitting on a fully-upholstered scooter that could bring you around the house or even outside the lawn for a leisurely stroll. Seated comfortably in this scooter is so relaxing that you can even sleep on it after reading a good book.
  • Pride Legend 4 Wheel Scooter is built for durability and stability. It can be easily dissembled using a simple lock-up.
  • The extended wheel base as well as the 10 rear & 9 front tires translates to wider ground clearance for maneuvering in any direction.
  • It also comes with an onboard charger so there’s no need to worry about getting stuck somewhere without any power source.
  • There’s no need to worry about creating noise too since this scooter has a quiet motor perfect even inside bedrooms.
  • With its stylish design, durability, comfort and safety features competitor brands simply can’t beat it.

The only issue with this Pride Legend 4 wheel mobility scooter is the expensive price, however no one complains about its price since the model use all of the luxurious materials to give the user the most comfortability when seating on it for long periods.

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