Wheelchair Lifts reviews


 Wheelchair Lifts reviews

update: April 2018

The wheelchair lift was one of the most important devices invented for disabled people that are wheelchair bound. To think that it was originally invented in the early 1900’s to haul bananas. the wheelchair lift is composed of a device that is either electrical or hydraulic that can help to lift the person and the wheelchair into places that they normally would never dream of getting into with it. When the wheelchair lift first came out they were large and clumsy devices but thanks to modern technologies they are now built into a structure for having easy access into it. The best of this is that they work simply by the push of a button.

The next question is what type of wheelchair lift is right for you? There are a few factors to consider here. One of them is whether the wheelchair that it is lifting is a portable device or an electronic one, and the reason for this is that the portable wheelchair is much lighter than the electronic ones which can weight around 450 pounds. Braunability makes some of the more durable wheelchair lifts on the market today such as the vangater series that can hold 600+ pounds or more, so consider them when looking for a well built, durable wheelchair lift. A good wheelchair lift that is made to lift people in portable wheelchairs is made by US medical supplies. This is made for for people that can get up long enough to attach their lift to the vehicle to make the transfer possible.

Another company that has a great wheelchair lift which is specifically designed to be used at home is the Handi-Ramp Home Wheelchair Lift. It is easy to use and easy to install and because the product can speak for it’self it is almost maintenance free. It has a non slip platform, constant pressure switches and a low to the ground platform that makes it easy to get on and off. There is a safety railing and rolled edges for a smooth ride. It is available in two heights the 50 inch or the 72 inch. The wheelchair lift is very durable and can lift and lower 500 pounds. You can even use it to lift and lower scooters as well.

This wheelchair lift platform must be anchored on a very straight and level 4 inch thick, 3500 psi concrete surface. These wheelchair lifts are great when you just cant get up and down the stairs anymore. If you just began using a wheelchair and you have steps in your home, then this is the perfect lift for you. Contact the company and ask them for a brochure and price packet.

Owning a wheelchair lift today has never been easier also due in part to The Americans with disabilities act (ADA) which was passed in 1990. The great part of this is not only cannot people using wheelchair lifts can’t be discriminated against but most public access facilities have to be built under the standards of that law which means that wheelchair lift access must be designed into the structure. This makes it very easy to use your wheelchair lift there as it is allready setup for this usage.

As far as financing for your wheelchair lift Medicare does have some kind of coverage for them, but you first must first call the company that you are purchasing one from to see what percentage is covered by medicare (if any). It all depends on the severity of your disability. Not to worry though, if you arent fully covered most companies that sell wheelchair lifts have a very cost effective payment program that makes it easy for almost any budget to purchase any one of their wheelchair lifts.

For information on the many other types of wheelchair lifts that are available just click on any of the inner pages of this site. It is our job to provide you the best information possible so that when you are ready to pick out and purchase that will pick the best from among all of the wheelchair lifts possible that are suited to what you are looking for.

Braun wheelchair van lifts

Braun has a great line of lift for wheelchairs they have been doing business for over 30 years and in that time they have perfected the van lifts during that time. They offer 4 different series in lifts. The first one is the Vista lift, this lift is a hydraulic platform that measures 31.5 inches, it has two platforms that are available in 48 inches and 50 inches. The lifts are up and down and open and closed. The lift is used by a hand held pendant control. The Vista Series Lift holds about 800 pounds of lifting power, more than the 33 percent the NHTSA requires.

The Century Series Van Lifts are hydraulic and can fold and unfold and in up and down cycles. You can control the lift by a hand held pendant control. The platform is 33 inches and 34 inches in width and a standard platform for all models is 51”. The Century Series has a maximum floor to ground measurement of 48 inches. The weight capacity is also 800 pounds.

Millennium Series Lifts are also hydraulic and like the others fold and unfold and up and down cycles. The lift is controlled by a hand held pendant control. The Millennium Series platforms are available in 30, 33 and 34 inches and the standard lift is 51 inches. The maximum floor to ground is 42 inches and 48 inches. The weight capacity like the others is 800 pounds.

Bruno Stair Chair Lifts

Bruno Independent Living Aids has been servicing the home care industry for years. They have great products and they stand behind each and every one. One of the great products they do offer is the stair chair lift, Bruno makes 3 indoor chair lifts that are reliable and durable. If you find yourself in need of a stair chair lift, consider Bruno they are one of the best names in the business. They offer curved chair lifts as well as straight chair lifts.

The Electra Ride Lt is the newest in the Bruno line of independent living care. This chair has battery power and it guarantees perfect operational use even during power outs. The seats have plenty of room unlike other chairs that leave you feeling cramped. The chair is the perfect size so that there is plenty of room on the rest of the stairwell so people can walk up comfortably. You can install this chair on either side of the stairwell. The Electra Ride LT offers you a smooth ride without any hesitation or any jerking motions.

The Electra Ride Elite also promises safety and flexible seating on a compact chair that won’t take up your entire staircase. This chair offers an adjustable footrest, armrests that can flip up fro wheelchair transfers, the seat height is adjustable from 19 inches to 24-˝ inches. The battery powered chair has a safe and dependable back up in case of power failures. The chair has a weight capacity of 400 pounds the first in the industry to hold that weight.

Electric Stair Lift 

There are many different types of stair chair lifts on the market today because there is a growing need fro them. Many people who can’t around as they used to are finally relenting to the fact that sometimes they do need help. Here are some key points that you should know when considering a electric stair lift. Most makers of the electric chairs recommend that the plug be at least a few feet from the lift itself. For coding and safety purposes the plug must be ground and a three prong as well.

Compared to the battery powered chairs, the electric chairs are found to be so reliable that there is really no need for a battery back up so most makers do not use them. That is because the battery chairs do relay so much on the condition of the battery which is really less reliable than the electric current coming from your home. Every state is different as far as their electrical codes are concerned. Contact your local state agency and find out what codes need to be followed to install your electric chair.

Another benefit for the electrical chair compared to the battery chair is that the electrical chair have a smoother start while the battery chairs tend to jerk forward a bit when they start. In essence all battery chairs need electricity anyway so why not get the better chair to begin with

 Pride Lift Chairs

Pride is one of the bets names in recliner chairs. Their product line is so impressive that you may not be able to make an easy choice when choosing a chair. The Pride C-20 is a causal 2 position lifting chair that is medium to large in size and has a great contemporary pillow back design. It comes with armrests and 22 options for the upholstery, some are listed at no charge and some are an extra charge. This chair has a weight capacity of 375 pounds, has 2 recline positions and a back width of 30 inches.

The C-20 has a seat to floor measurement of 19 inches and a seat depth of 19 inches and a seat width of 20 inches. The back often chair is styled in an overstuffed blown fiber that provides a great amount of comfort and support. There is a heating option if you chose to take it. It does have a battery back up in case of power failure. It comes in these colors of Blue, Mocha, Dusty Rose, New jade, Oatmeal, New Sapphire and New Chestnut.

The Wall Hugger Lift Chair LL-805 is a great chair as well, it only really needs 4 inches of space from the wall and the chair. The model of the chair is the TMR 805, it has a back width of 30 inches, seat to floor measurements is 19 inches, seat depth and width is 20 inches. The frame is laminate/hardwood, it has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and comes with a battery back up and reclines in 2 positions.

Recliner lift chairs

If you are having trouble getting up and down from the couch or getting up from a chair and sometimes there is no else around. We have the answer, on the market there is the reclining lift chair. It looks like a regular recliner that you sit on in your living room but on the side there is a control panel that has buttons to help you rise from the chair with ease.

The chair is simple to use, when you are ready to get up press the lift button and the seat on the chair will slowly lift you to a standing position and once you are up, you can reset the chair to a regular sitting down position or you can leave it up if you need help sitting back down again.

There are some options to choose from such as would you like a 2 position chair, 3 position chair or Infinite position chair. Which company would you like to choose from Golden technologies, Uplift technologies or Pride ( there are others but these are the top 3 chairs). There are choices for weight capacity, either the up to 375 pounds of the 376 pound chair.

The chairs come in fabric or vinyl and you can get the required feature of the heat and massage chair and the reclining chair that reclines to a full sleeping position. Check around do some research and choose the best type of chair for you.

Scooter Lifts

The best thing about having a scooter or a wheelchair is that is does make getting around a million times easier than walking when you aren’t 100 percent physically able to. These days they make many accessories such as lifts making it even easier to get around. There are scooter and wheelchair lifts that attch to the back of the car so it doesn’t take up any room in the trunk of your car. There are also lifts that will lift the chair or scooter inside your trunk too.

One of the most common styles of the lifts for scooters and wheelchairs is the platform lift. These platforms are about 28 x 50 inches which will fit a standard size scooter or wheelchair. It has a 3 inch security rails but the car must have a class II or III receiver hitch. The ramp is a standard 42 inches. This platform fits securely to the car or truck making transportation easy and worry less. These lifts do not run on batteries or motors or even actuators. You just unfold the ramp and place the chair on the ramp, secure the scooter or wheelchair and you are on your way.

There are also tilt a rack platforms. They work the same way but they are made from aluminum and when you wish to place your scooter or wheelchair on or off the lift, the platform will tilt for easy loading and unloading. These lifts make it possible to travel with comfort and it gives you less to worry about so you can have a more relaxing trip.

 Stair Chair Lifts

Stair chair lifts and wheelchair lifts are different, many people believe they are the same but they are not. The wheelchair lifts bring the whole wheelchair up and down the stairs the stair chair lift is a chair that is mounted to the staircase and you sit in the chair and the lift carries you not the wheelchair up the stairs. That is a very important distinction you have to make when requesting information or just inquiring about a product over the phone.

Just because you need a stair chair lift doesn’t mean that you need a wheelchair. Here are the top three common sellers of stair chair lifts. The Acorn Superglide 120, this chair is used for the home and it has maintenance free DC power, it has an easy to use joystick operation. The diagnostic status lights, it has a smooth and start/stop action. It can hold a weight capacity of 294 pounds but 350 pounds are available.

Brooks New Lincoln Straight Lift is a highly durable chair with a high reliability. It has a battery back up in case of a power outage. The chair is extremely quite and has a soft start and stop system with no sudden jolts, you control the chair with a joystick control and a remote control system that has no wiring at all. The Butler Chair meets all of the requirements of the National Safety Code. It can hold up to 300 pounds. It works with 110 volts, single phase, 50/60 cycle which is a standard household current.

You an get one for the front of the car or the backseat. There are power or manual models available. Bruno has some great models available too. What these chairs are designed to do is relieve the stress and discomfort that you may experience when you travel. The manual chairs offer a weight capacity of about 450 pounds and the power models have a weight capacity of 300. You can get the chairs in vinyl or leather and you can have the option of a left or right armrest.In addition to other great products on the market today for people who need some help with getting around there is a great product called the turning automotive seat. It is not your simply little swivel seat, the seat turn outside the car and allows you easy and independence when you travel. These chairs can be installed in SUV’s station wagons, mini vans and full size vans as well. Any vehicle that is not low to ground, this chair can be installed.

These chairs are available in the swivel seat with a slight elevation making it easier to get in and out of the car or they come in the style of where the entire seat turns out of the car and can lower slightly for an easy exit. They also come in the style of the car seat slides onto the convertible wheelchair so you don’t have to have the stress of leaving the car and into the wheelchair or scooter. These chairs no matter what style you choose from really do make like easier.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts are great to have if you have a stairs or platforms in and around your home. Bruno Home Independent Living Aids has a new model out the Vertical Platform Lift Model VPL-3100. This vertical platform lift has an automatic self lowering folding ramp. The weight capacity is 750 and the maximum floor height to floor height of 53 inches to 75 inches. It also has independent up and down push buttons with a key switch control.

It has a spring sensitive button plate that will turn the unit off when an obstruction gets in the way of the lift. There is a solenoid actuator that brakes at the landing so you are not “ dropped” at the landing. The vertical platform lift is constructed with a steel tubular guide and 16 gauge steel guarding. The Vertical Platform Lift VPL-3100 has other options, such as top landing gate that can send and call controls with a key and an interlock and it can also offer a manual hand crank that can lowered the lift as well in case of an emergency.

There are other vertical platform lifts on the market but Bruno is a name you can trust when you simply can’t get around like you used to. Not only does Bruno and other manufactures of these lifts offer great products but they also offer one other thing and that is independence. With the vertical platform lift you can get in and out of your home easily and independently.

Wheelchair Lifts on Vans

Many hospitals and other smaller organizations have used these vans to transport patients with wheelchairs around for years. Wheelchairs tend to be heavy and if you are traveling alone with a wheel chair then you want to have a lift to help you manage by your self. These lifts attach top the underside of the side of the van by the door. It is easy to use and simple to have installed.

Lifts can give you piece of mind when traveling. You can get where you are going and know when you are ready to come home you know you can get in the van with ease and not lose any independence. You should shop around and get the best pricing you can before investing in a lift.

Your insurance company may cover the cost, even Medicaid may help defray some of the costs. But shop around, get some prices and then see which plan works best for you. It can be rather expensive so get the most for your money.

Check online most van lift companies have websites that will give you all of the information you need. It may also give you payment information that will work with you and your insurance company. There are hundreds of companies online so you can get the best price and the best options for your money.

Why do I need a Wheelchair Lift

you may need a wheelchair lift for different reasons. One reason is that you may have just begun to use a chair and your home has a big flight of stairs. You may want to invest in a chair lift to make it easier on you so you don’t lose any of your independence. That is what most people are afraid of when they begin using a wheelchair is that they will lose their independence, but with a wheelchair lift in your home will still allow you your independence.

Another reason to use a wheelchair lift is when you are getting in and out of the car or minivan. These are always helpful and easy to use. Wheelchairs can be heavy so when you are traveling, knowing you have an easier time getting into the car without having to struggle with the chair will take a lot of unease about going out by yourself.

Sometimes, we need a little help in life and we all want to make our lives easier and if that means you should get a wheelchair lift for the home or the car then by all means make the investment. You can find wheelchair lift companies online or in your local yellow pages. You can even find them on TV. Send away for some information to keep your mind at ease.


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