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Reasons why mobility scooters loose power

Loosing power is one of the most common problems with a mobility scooter and it is actually annoyed when you first use this type of device. There are some possible reasons of this issue.

1. When the using person has a higher weight than the scooter can support

When buying a mobility scooter, you should check for the maximum weight support of each model because not every model has the same weight support capacity. There are models with 250 lbs. max weight support, 300 lbs, 325 lbs. and some heavy duty mobility scooters can have up to 550 lbs. max weight support. You should choose a scooter which have about approximately 50 lbs. higher weight support than your actual weight to ensure the battery can work properly.

2. When the environment is too cold or too hot

The battery efficiency of a mobility scooter is much depended on the weather condition. When you ride in a cold weather, the battery has to work harder, and so it can deplete faster. Besides, when running on rough terrain, the battery also have to use more energies. That’s why you should notice of your neighborhood conditions before choosing a particular model.

3. Your riding routine

When you stop and start the scooter frequently, it causes the battery to be depleted very soon.

4. Battery age

Depending on the manufacturer, certain type of scooters can run continuously for 18 months before replacing new battery. You should particularly pay attention to the battery lifetime because it is one of the most important factors of a good scooter.

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