Residential Wheelchair Lifts

In order to increase wheelchair accessibility, many different types of machinery and products are needed to aid the mobility of the physically-challenged. In residential areas, the need for mobility is greatly heightened. Without the aid of appropriate residential wheelchair lifts, wheelchair bound users are prone to inconveniences especially in areas such as senior citizen homes or college residential halls.

Inclined Platform Lifts

There are various types of residential wheelchair lifts that work wonders in easing the needed for vertical transition amongst wheelchair users. In areas where space is limited, an inclined platform lift works wonderfully. This platform lift can be mounted onto the wall or even to the staircase rail itself. Although there is a need for a minimal 14-inch space, this could hardly be an obstacle towards getting one of these platform residential wheelchair lifts installed. Plus, they can also be easily stowed away so as to not obstruct the stairway.

Another benefit of utilizing an inclined platform lift as a residential wheelchair lift is that its usage is not limited to wheelchair users alone. In fact, people with walking impediments are also able to lower the attached (foldable) seat and move up and down the staircase with ease through the use of the same wheelchair lift.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Another residential wheelchair lift comes in the form of a vertical platform lift. These lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on the availability of space or the strategic positioning of easier access for wheelchair users. Indoor vertical platform lifts are sometimes partially enclosed whereas outdoor vertical platform lifts are usually fully enclosed but ventilated. The full enclosure is needed to provide full access even when the weather can be trying.

Most vertical platform lifts come with sensors that trigger an emergency stop when something is obstructing the pathway of the lift. This is a safety feature aimed to provide a smoother transition from floor to floor and is one of the winning safety features of a residential wheelchair lift.

Portable Wheelchair Lifts

However, if a particular residential building is unable to accommodate installations of platform lifts, an alternate option would be to install a portable wheelchair lift. These lifts work manually and require no set-up, batteries or electricity for operation. A good example would be the Mobilift CX, a multi-purpose and almost maintenance free wheelchair lift. In order to move a load of 150lbs up to a higher level, all one needs to do is to use a crank force of 5 lbs. Just within 20 seconds, the wheelchair user and the chair would have been lifted onto higher ground.

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