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Tips on Mobility Scooter Maintenance

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Tips on Mobility Scooter Maintenance

Update: December 20172017

Keep cleaning on routine

Regular servicing is important to keep a mobility scooter running for longer duration. One of the first things you need to ensure is its cleanliness. Dirt and grit can cause wear and tear and reduce efficiency of the scooter. It is also important to keep the scooter dry. Although impossible to keep it from getting wet, drying the scooter as soon as possible will ensure that water does not get into the battery. Moisture can also cause rusting of the body.

Read user instruction and get scooter yearly serviced

Before you begin to use the scooter, read the manufacturers instructions carefully. Follow instructions precisely regarding battery charging and servicing. Good battery maintenance will prolong battery life. In addition, take care not to overload the scooter. Overloading can cause the battery to discharge quickly. Finally, get the scooter serviced at a garage once in a year.

How To Increase Their Battery Life?

The most important component of a mobility scooter is its battery. Battery life is influenced by several factors such as environmental factors, frequency and duration of use, charging duration and quantity of discharge. There are several ways in which, you can increase the life of a battery. The first thing that you can do is to keep the battery charged as per the instructions of the manufacturer. Do not let the battery go completely dry. Proper lubrication also helps in increasing the battery life.

If you move around a lot and need to use the mobility scooter for long duration, then a light weight scooter can be a good choice for you. Due to their lower weight, the strain on the battery is reduced and it lasts longer. You can have the battery serviced once a year to keep it in optimum condition. Preventing water from entering the battery can play a very important role in prolonging its life.

Tips on Mobility Scooter Maintenance
Article Name
Tips on Mobility Scooter Maintenance
Tips on Mobility Scooter Maintenance

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