Wheelchair lift manufacturers


Wheelchair lift manufacturers

ADA Wheelchair Lifts 

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects people with disabilities from being discriminated. Under this act, public accommodation as well as commercial facilities have been set up and constructed to comply with ADA standards. Buildings, facilities or wheelchair accessories that work in accordance to the ADA code are known as ADA-compliant. One of these guidelines relate to the use of wheelchair lifts, in which ADA wheelchair lifts are classified under title 4.11 of the ADA standards – Accessible Element and Spaces. ADA wheelchair lifts have to be installed according the particular requirements that has been set up under that title for the safety and convenience of wheelchair users.

ADA Wheelchair Lift design

Under the act, ADA wheelchair lifts should be designed with a clear floor space for wheelchairs and able to accommodate a single wheelchair of 30” by 48” in size. The levels between the surface of the floor and the floor of the ADA lift should not exceed half an inch, failing which a ramp must be used. Apart from that, any carpets used in an ADA wheelchair lift is limited to a maximum thickness of half an inch. Furthermore, all edges of the carpet must be fastened down to the floor surface to prevent any incidences of tripping the wheelchair.

Communication devices or lift controls in ADA wheelchair lifts should be placed within reach of the wheelchair user, and should not be mounted more than 15 inches above the floor. Controls should be easy to use, with only one hand required for operation without any forceful movement of the wrists. If force is needed for these controls, it should not require a force of more than 5 lbf or 22.2 N.

Currently, most ADA wheelchair lifts are incline lifts. One of the common challenges wheelchair lift manufacturers face is building space and designs which have not been developed to accommodate ADA chair lifts in the first place. However, the ADA guidelines that have been drawn out make a huge first step in ensuring full accessibility for wheelchair users in the future.


 Portable-Manual-Wheelchair-Lift Portable-Manual-Wheelchair-LiftBraun Wheelchair Lifts

Braun Wheelchair Lifts are manufactured by the Braun Corporation, a company that has been engaged in the production of mobility products since 1963. The founder of this company, Ralph Braun, himself is a wheelchair user and thus understands perfectly the limitations and needs of other wheelchair users. With first hand experience about what it is like to be in a wheelchair, Ralph Braun has the necessary knowledge to build mobility products for the disabled. It is this expertise that has helped to make Braun Wheelchair Lifts a worldwide name and one of the leading wheelchair lifts in the markets today.

Braun Wheelchair Lift Product Line

Millennium Series Braun Wheelchair Lifts

Millennium Series Braun Wheelchair Lifts

This line of lifts features lifts that are designed to fit different vehicles ranging from vans, to school buses, to transport trucks. The hand held telephone cord kind of controls makes for easy use of these wheelchair lifts, and safety is not a concern as these Braun lifts are made in compliance with all NHTSA rules and regulations.

Century Series Braun Wheelchair Lifts:

This line of wheelchair lifts from Braun is also designed for use with vehicles. This line is not as advanced as the millennium series but is designed to be a cost effective alternative option to the millennium series of Braun lifts. However, the lower cost of these wheelchair lifts is in no way an indication of the quality of the products, which continues to be of the highest degree in keeping with the excellent standards of all Braun’s wheelchair lifts.

  • Vista Series Braun Wheelchair Lifts: This line lifts is a line of platform wheelchair lifts for public vehicles. The platforms on these wheelchair lifts fold away out of view so that the passengers in the vehicles can enjoy the complete view from the vehicles. The use of rubber bumpers in proper locations ensures that there is no rattling noise of the wheelchair lift when the vehicle is in motion, thus ensuring a peaceful, relaxed, and quiet ride.
  • In addition to the above line of wheelchair lifts which is a commercial line, Braun also manufactures wheelchair lifts for personal use. These wheelchair lifts come in different sizes and styles so as to fit full sized vans as well as mini vans. There is a choice of inside wheelchair lifts and also lifts for outside mounting of wheelchairs. The electric hydraulic operating systems make for a smooth ride and the optional remote control gives you added convenience.

Thus, wheelchair users who are looking for wheelchair lifts for their vehicles, both personal and commercial ones, can make no mistake with a Braun wheelchair lift.

Crow River Wheelchair Lifts 

Crow River Wheelchair Lifts Crow River Wheelchair Lifts Crow River Wheelchair Lifts 

Crow River wheelchair lifts possess valued features, strength and durability comparable or perhaps even surpassing that of other wheelchair lifts. In fact, Crow River wheelchair lifts (now made by Braun) have been designed to utilize less space than average wheelchair lifts, thus leaving adequate storage space within the vehicle. This is possible through the fold-in-half design prominent within most Crow River lifts, which had been discovered through a major breakthrough in wheelchair lift designs back in 1977.

Vangater Wheelchair Lifts

Crow River wheelchair lifts are also known by the name of its series, the Vangater. The different models of this brand name include the Vangater II, Minigater and Ultragater. All designs are compact as well as ground-clasping with the aim to conserve more space. An operating switch can be placed on the unit itself or in a hand control attached to a 12-foot cord. Also, each Crow River chair lift is equipped with a downstop/brake function for safety purposes. The wheelchair lifts can also be installed for side entry for vehicles which may be parked on tight spaces.

Crow River wheelchair lifts come in 27-inch, 29-inch and 30-inch platforms with the capacity to move 600 lbs at one go. This is possible due to the sturdy construction and durable material used to manufacture the wheelchair lifts. The Ultragater is made from aluminum, an element that contributes to the sturdiness and lightweight properties of the wheelchair. These are two essential features aimed to provide safety and convenience for users.

Being an electrical lift, Crow River wheel chair lifts are also installed with double safety features for emergency overrides in the event of a power failure. Finally, the best feature of this lift is probably its fast operation cycle, which is possible through a dual-post design. This allows the platform to take no more than 5 seconds to fold or unfold, and no longer than 10 seconds to lift. All in all, the Crow River wheelchair lifts are great for both light and heavy wheelchairs, making them a blessing for wheelchair users.

Ricon Wheelchair Lifts

Ricon Wheelchair LiftsRicon Corporation, the makers of the very reliable and very popular Ricon wheelchair lifts (sometimes misspelled as Rincon lifts), was started in 1971. The headquarters of this company are situated in Panorama City, CA. Since its inception, the Ricon Corporation has been instrumental in giving disabled people high quality mobility products, so as to enhance their mobility and give them access to inaccessible places. In addition to manufacturing Ricon wheelchair lifts, Ricon also makes wheelchair ramps and other wheelchair accessories which can make the life of wheelchair users that much simpler.

Ricon Wheelchair Lifts

Ricon Wheelchair Lift Product Line

Ricon Clearway Wheelchair Lift

Ricon Wheelchair Lifts For Personal Use – Ricon manufactures the following wheelchair lifts for increasing personal mobility. All the wheelchair lifts in this product line are meant to be used with ‘DOT Private Use’ cars and vans and are in total compliance with rules of the FMVSS.

  • KlearVue Wheelchair Lift: This Ricon wheelchair lift has the distinction of being perhaps the sole lift that has the ability to fold in half. Because of this unique design, the wheelchair lift does not obstruct the view from the vehicle, which in turn increases safety while driving as blind zones are eliminated.
  • Clearway Wheelchair Lift: This wheelchair lift works on a hydraulic system which affords a very smooth and easy operation. People with serious disabilities too will find the Clearway Ricon wheelchair lift very simple to use.
  • Reliant Wheelchair Lift: This is a small and compact design from Ricon wheelchair lifts and is perfect for mini vans and smaller sized vehicles. Its all steel frame makes it very solid and durable, while the anti skid platform ensures added safety.
  • UniLite Wheelchair Lift: This is a basic no frills Ricon wheelchair lift made from lightweight aluminum. However, where quality and dependability are concerned, the UniLite goes all out as do the other Ricon wheelchair lifts.
  • Ricon Wheelchair Lifts For Commercial Use
  • This line of Ricon wheelchair lifts includes the S Series of wheelchair lifts and the KlearVue for commercial use. These wheelchair lifts are ADA compliant and are highly dependable and affordable mobility products for Para transit uses.
  • Transit/Motorcoach Line Of Ricon Wheelchair Lifts
  • This line includes the following Ricon wheelchair lifts:
    • Mirage
    • Baylift
    • Powerlift

All the Ricon wheelchair lifts as mentioned above are a name to be trusted and have proved their worth time and again. The ISO 9001:1994 certification that was awarded to Ricon and upgraded to 9001:2000 is a testament of its continuing commitment to providing superior and reliable accessibility products the world over, including Ricon wheelchair lifts.

Bruno Wheelchair Lifts

Bruno Wheelchair Lifts

Bruno Independent Living manufactures wheelchair lifts to increase the mobility of the physically challenged. This company started off in the hands of Michael Bruno and his wife a little over two decades ago. Since then, it has expanded into being the top manufacturer for vehicle lifts and stairlifts in North America. Some of the Bruno wheelchair lifts include lifts for scooters, power chairs and manual wheelchairs as well as custom-made stairlifts. Bruno wheelchair lifts are made to accommodate the many different types of vehicles, be it a station wagon, a minivan or a sedan. In fact, Bruno wheelchair lifts are entitled for reimbursement through mobility programs offered by Ford, Toyota, GM and Volkswagen. Furthermore, Bruno’s wheelchair lifts come with a 3 year warranty for parts and a 30-day warranty for labor.

Bruno Joey Wheelchair Lift

An example of a truly versatile Bruno wheelchair lift is the Bruno Wheelchair-Lifter (Model AWL-100), which has been designed to raise wheelchairs of up to 55 lbs easily and quickly. This wheelchair lift can be used in station wagons, sport utility vehicles, minivans or full-size vans. For rear-door applications, users can opt for the AWL-150 whereas the AWL-160 has been customized for side-door utilization.

All three models of the Bruno wheelchair lifts are powered by electricity from the battery of the vehicle itself. The lift is easy to operate as all the user has to do is to position the folded wheelchair, hook it up with the lift claw and give the UP button a push. The wheelchair can then be lifted and tilted into a horizontal position with the guidance of the user. Once the wheelchair clears the top opening of the trunk, the user can simply give the DOWN button a push, set the wheelchair in place and remove the lift hook.

If you are looking for a wheelchair lift for your power chair, Bruno also produces a catalogue of multiple selections to suit individual preferences. On the other end of the spectrum is the Out Rider, a heavy-duty Bruno wheelchair lift capable of handling up to 300 lbs of folding or rigid wheelchair and power chairs. This is possible through the use of a lifting belt that is 50% stronger than normal lifting belts called the R3 lifting belt.

With a lifting belt like this, latest series of Bruno wheelchair lifts called the Curb-Sider, is also built to lift 400 lb power chairs for easy storage in SUVs, minivans and full-size vans. The wireless remote control also allows users to operate the lift from the curb or from inside the car. An extra feature of the Curb-Sider is that it can automatically rotate a power chair for a better fit into the back of the car. An outer arm that be extended to 12 inches functions lift to a higher height for bigger power chairs.

Ascension Wheelchair Lifts

Ascension Wheelchair Lifts

Ascension Wheelchair Lifts

The Ascension wheelchair lifts have the distinction of being the best portable wheelchair lifts in the markets today, not just in the United States of America but the world over. Ascension portable wheelchair lifts are an offering from AGM Container Controls, Inc. Originally engaged in the business of container hardware, the AGM Company started manufacturing wheelchair lifts in the year 1990 so as to give disabled people complete wheelchair access.

Their first portable wheelchair lift saw the light of day in 1992 and by the year 1995, AGM had created a separate division for portable wheelchairs known as Ascension. Thus was born the product line of Ascension Portable Wheelchair lifts, which in a short span of just 10 years have gained the top slot in the portable wheelchair lift industry. The fact that Ascension is part of an ISO 9001:2000 certified company means that it gives its customers wheelchair lifts that are of the highest possible quality and excellence. Here’s looking at the Virtuoso, which is the latest product from Ascension wheelchair lifts and is touted as the world’s best portable wheelchair lift till date.

Ascension portable wheelchair lift includes everything that is required for the operation of the lift and does not require customers to purchase or construct any other additional structures to support the wheelchair lift. This means that with the Virtuoso, you need not go to the trouble of constructing ramps or shafts for the wheelchair lift. This not only saves you a great deal of money and time, but comes as a boon where there are space problems.

The Virtuoso Ascension wheelchair lift is fully portable and can be used in different locations. Increasing wheelchair access in homes, offices, schools, churches, auditoriums, conference centers, commercial buildings, and any other kind of public place can be achieved very easily with this Ascension lift. In fact, if what you need is wheelchair access to stages and raised platforms, you simply cannot do better than a Virtuoso Ascension portable wheelchair lift!

Features Of Virtuoso Ascension Wheelchair Lifts

  • Most portable wheelchair lifts require a machine tower, ramp, or shaft way for operation. But this Ascension portable wheelchair lift is the one and only wheelchair lift in the world that is completely self reliant and does not need these added features for its operation.
  • This Ascension portable wheelchair lift is ADA compliant and is thus very safe for use.
  • The unique design of this Ascension portable wheelchair lift and the fact that it does not need a machine tower means that it has extremely quiet operation.

Thus, if you want a wheelchair lift that is truly portable, go for Ascension Wheelchair Lifts only.


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