Wheelchair Platform Lift Overview


Wheelchair Platform Lift Overview

A wheelchair platform lift consists of a platform that can be raised and lowered either manually or by the push of a button. The wheelchair is wheeled onto this platform, which when raised allows the wheelchair to be raised too. Thus, by using a platform lift, it is possible to lift a wheelchair onto surfaces that are higher than floor level. This includes stages, porches, patios, raised platforms, etc.


In addition to this, it can also be used to gain access to higher floors in your home, without having to contend with stairs. Lifting a wheelchair over few steps can also be achieved by utilizing a chair platform lift.

These lifts come in several sizes. If there is a space constraint in your home (or wherever you wish to install the platform lift), you can go in for a compact wheelchair platform lift that is designed for single person usage. But if space is not a problem, you can install a large platform lift that not only allows you to lift your wheelchair onto raised surfaces, but also has enough space to allow an attendant to accompany the person in the wheelchair.

But isn’t a wheelchair platform lift dangerous? What if the wheelchair and its occupant fall off the platform when the lift is in motion? Well, these safety issues are very well addressed. The safety rails and bars on the perimeter of the platform ensure that the wheelchair does not overshoot the platform and fall off the lift. In addition to these, most chair platform lifts have an anti skid surface on the platforms to make sure that the wheelchair does not skid while being lifted or lowered using the  lift.

Wheel chair platform lifts are great for your home and also for the outdoors. Many models come with the option of being installed inside or outside your home (and other buildings) according to the availability of space. Portable wheelchair platform lifts give you the added convenience of being able to use the wheelchair lift whenever and wherever you may need to.

Thus, with a wheelchair platform lift, you need not worry about gaining wheelchair admission to raised surfaces and higher levels anymore!


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