Wheelchair Stair Lifts

wheel chair lift platform reviews

Wheelchair Stair Lifts

update: April 2018

Losing the use of your legs and being restricted to a wheelchair is bad enough; add to that the fact that you may just be relegated to the lower floors in your own home because of being unable to handle stairs, and your situation is compounded further. Most homes have more than one floor, with stairs leading to the upper levels.

wheel chair lift platform reviews

a wheel chair stair lift platform

Being in a wheelchair means you either need to have someone on hand at all times to help you and your wheelchair up the staircase, or give up the use of the upper floors of your home altogether. Thankfully, with the invention of the wheelchair stair lift, you now need to do neither!

Wheelchair stair lifts can be installed in your home so as to enable wheelchair users to tackle stairs with ease. The inclined platform lift enables you to drive your wheelchair onto the stair lift and ride up a flight of stairs with comfort and ease. When first produced, wheelchair stair lifts could only be used on straight staircases. But today, you can get a chair stair lift that can be installed on curved staircases, stairs with corners, and even staircases with two or more landings.

Wheel chair stair lifts come in several designs and styles. These can be designed to run on the outer side of a staircase or on the inner side of a staircase depending on the space available and the layout of your home. The platform on the wheelchair lifts also comes in varying sizes. For smaller houses and tight spaces, you can choose a lift with a small platform, whereas for bigger homes you can go in for one with larger platforms.

Most wheelchair stair lifts are manufactured so as to hold weights between 350 pounds to 500 pounds. But if your requirements are greater, you can even get a lift customized to your exact needs and requirements.


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